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Recording: Schemes

Recording Schemes

If you are interested in a particular group of beetles, there are 18 beetle recording schemes to choose from:

Aquatic Coleoptera Recording Scheme
Aquatic Coleoptera - Water beetles

Chrysomelidae Recording Scheme
Chrysomelidae - Leaf-and seed-beetles

Clown Beetles Recording Scheme
Histeridae and Sphaeritidae - Clown Beetles

Dermestidae Recording Scheme
Dermestidae (and Derodontidae) - Hide, larder and carpet beetles

Elateroidea Recording Scheme
Elateroidea - Click beetles and allies

Ground Beetle Recording Scheme
Carabidae - Ground beetles

Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme
Cerambycidae - Longhorn beetles

Oil Beetle Recording Scheme
Meloidae - Oil beetles

Scarabaeoidea Recording Scheme
Scarabaeoidea - Dung beetles, chafers, stag beetles and their allies

Scirtidae Recording Scheme
Scirtidae - Scirtid beetles

Silphidae Recording Scheme
Silphidae - Carrion, burying and sexton beetles & relatives

Soldier Beetles and Allies Recording Scheme
Cantharidae, Drilidae, Lampyridae and Lycidae - Soldier beetles, glow-worms and allies

Staphylinidae Recording Scheme
Staphylinidae - Rove beetles

Stenini Recording Scheme
Stenini - Staphylinid beetles: Stenus and Dianous

Tenebrionoidea Recording Scheme
Tenebrionoidea - Darkling beetles

UK Ladybird Survey
Coccinellidae - Ladybirds

Weevil and Bark Beetle Recording Scheme
Curculionoidea - Weevils and Bark Beetles

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