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False blister beetles of the genus Oedemera in Scotland

Bruce Philp

The paper gives a brief outline of the status of the family Oedemeridae in Scotland before focusing on the genus Oedemera in particular. Four species have been reported in Scotland but one, O. nobilis, is regarded as very doubtful with no verified records. Of the three other species there are very few records of O. femoralis while the remaining two species O. lurida and O. virescens seem fairly widespread with the latter being particularly common in the south of Scotland. More records are needed to clarify their respective distributions.

Novel flight style and light wings boost flight performance of tiny beetles

Farisenkov et. al.

Nature (Nature) ISSN 1476-4687 (online) ISSN 0028-0836 (print)

The status and distribution of the Strandline Beetle
Eurynebria complanata on Whiteford Burrows, Cefn Sidan, Laugharne & Pendine Burrows and Frainslake Sands, Castlemartin in 2016

Barry Stewart

NRW Report No. 189, 80pp. Natural
Resources Wales, Bangor

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