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Image by Elena Mozhvilo


The aims of the Society shall be:

  • to promote the study, recording and conservation of beetles (Coleoptera) in Britain and Ireland, while fostering and maintaining links with allied organisations and coleopterists internationally.

  • to promote the study of beetles, including their taxonomy, zoogeography, ecology, and behaviour, by amateur, student and professional entomologists.

  • to promote the recording of beetles in Britain and Ireland, by means of its website, social media channels, indoor and field meetings, workshops, and other events, recording schemes, assisting young and beginner coleopterists, and by fostering links with local and national biological records centres.

  • to promote the conservation of beetles by fostering alliances with entomological and other conservation organisations.

  • to provide advice about beetles to statutory conservation organisations and other relevant bodies.

  • to disseminate information about beetles by means of its publications, website and other such means as may be available.

  • to make the study of beetles accessible to all regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, disability and denomination.  

  • to work to increase public awareness of beetles and their ecological importance.

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