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ColSoc is the Coleopterists Society of Britain and Ireland, dedicated to the study of beetles. Our aim is to further beetle research, standardise and promote recording, and to develop and encourage public awareness and conservation of the 4,000+ species of beetles found on these islands. 

ColSoc is primarily a networking organisation which, with the help of supporters, both amateur and professional coleopterists will strive to study and enhance the conservation of our native beetle fauna and their habitats. 

There is no fee to become a supporter of the Coleopterists Society of Britain and Ireland. As a supporter of ColSoc, you can benefit from frequent updates on the Society's activities, be part of a growing online community of enthusiasts and experts, receive regular news and updates via our social media channels, and have the opportunity to attend supporter-only events, field trips and lectures. 


Supporters of the Coleopterists Society of Britain and Ireland (ColSoc) will be joining a community of coleopterists dedicated to the recording and study of beetles in Britain and Ireland.


ColSoc offers the following benefits to supporters:


By joining ColSoc as a supporter, you can more easily meet up with other coleopterists through meetings and organised activities.

Field Meetings:

ColSoc intends to host a field meeting in South Wales this summer, 2022. Additional shorter field meetings will be organised in due course at locations and dates TBA.

Indoor Meetings:

In-person and online meetings will be held during the year, with speakers giving presentations on a wide range of topics to do with the beetles of Britain and Ireland. Laboratory workshops may also be organised to provide help with microscopy techniques and identification problems.

Beetle Recording Support:

ColSoc provides support and advocacy work for the network of beetle recording schemes. Support services are also provided for county Coleoptera recorders via our county recorder specialist group.


For technical notes on the beetles of Britain and Ireland, we recommend a subscription to the independent journal, The Coleopterist, one of the leading scientific journals for coleopterists.


A small bursary scheme will be available to postgraduate research entomologists working on the beetle fauna of Britain and Ireland.

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