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Launch of Coleopterists Society of Britain and Ireland

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

PRESS RELEASE - Castlemaine, Co. Kerry, Ireland, 02/02/2022

ColSoc: New Beetle Society Launched

A new society for coleopterists and beetle enthusiasts was launched today, the Coleopterists Society of Britain and Ireland, or ColSoc for short. ColSoc's aims are: to promote the study of beetles by amateur, student and professional entomologists; to promote the recording of beetles in Britain and Ireland; to promote the conservation of beetles; to provide advice about beetles; to disseminate information about beetles; to make the study of beetles accessible to all; and to work to increase public awareness of beetles and their ecological importance.

Beulah Garner (Natural History Museum, London), Chairperson of ColSoc, said:

“We are excited to be launching a new society which will promote beetle conservation and the activities of beetle recorders and researchers in Britain and Ireland. The idea for such a society was first mooted more than forty years ago but has finally come to fruition. We have a hard-working management committee made up of coleopterists from all parts of Britain and Ireland, and with our growing network of supporters we are confident that ColSoc will soon become a vibrant community of coleopterists and citizen scientists who have the best interests of these fascinating insects at heart.”

There is no membership fee, but ColSoc is inviting coleopterists and anyone with an interest in beetles to register their support at Supporters will be invited to attend indoor and field meetings and can stand for election to the management committee. ColSoc is already planning field meetings across Britain and Ireland, with an event currently being planned for South Wales in July 2022.

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